Our Story

A decade ago we knew we wanted to open up a specialty Cupcake Store, we had done our research on the popularity of cupcakes in other cities and we knew Edmonton had yet to see their own cupcake shop. Coming from a line of Entrepreneurs and Restaurateurs we felt comfortable moving forward with opening a business, we had the guidance, wisdom and support of our parents. We know food, it’s the industry we grew up in – but when you’re specializing in one product, and your business is solely reliant on this one product – we knew we had to knock it out of the park…

Our Recipes

As heartwarming as it would sound to tell you a story of us using recipes from our mother, grandmother, or our aunt – twice removed, it’s simply not true. That was the route we had planned to take, when we asked our business-savvy mother her advice, she said “If you want to have amazing cupcakes, surround yourself with the best in the industry! This isn’t a bake sale – learn from the professionals.”

We listened to Mom- we hired Pastry Chefs to teach, guide, and inspire us, to work alongside us to create the caliber of cupcakes we knew we wanted to sell. They consulted with us on the best gourmet ingredients to purchase, the most reputable companies to buy from, they advised us to import our Cocoa from Belgium, to use Vanilla from Madagascar, and all natural flavourings and pure fruit extracts from Italy. They taught us correct techniques, and helped us create our Signature Buttercream. After several weeks and many, many revisions later – our collaboration had created the standard of cupcakes we felt proud to offer. We opened our doors on February 14, 2006, and feel honored to be our city’s 1st gourmet cupcake shop. To this day, Fuss Cupcakes has Pastry Chefs on staff to draw from, to mentor apprentices, and to assist in the creation of new and delicious flavours…

The “Why”

Our learning curve didn’t stop there and it was all of you, our customers, that helped us realize our “Why”. When you realize your “Why”, it gives what you do, a deeper meaning… a purpose. We’ve had so many moments with our customers that have touched us deeply and given us joy. When we see a child that has a nut allergy come in with their parents and they ask us “is it really nut-free?” and we can assure them, it is! – the relief that washes across those parent’s faces …that is our “Why”. When a couple comes in excited from the doctor’s office with the sex of their unborn child sealed in an envelope- then entrusts us with that envelope to make baby reveal cupcakes to surprise their family and friends…that is our “Why”. When our customers walk into our stores, look at all of the cupcakes and it brings a smile to their face or they say: “This is awesome, I feel like a kid again!”…that is our “Why”. Our cupcakes have been there for your birthdays, graduations, and your promotions. They’ve been there for your first dates, wedding receptions, and 50th anniversaries …through our cupcakes you’ve brought us with you.

To have a product that triggers memories, makes people happy and celebrates life and love in all forms- means the world to us! Thank you for giving us purpose to our work and allowing us into your lives.

The Fuss Family, Zoie, George and Kostas